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Ninh Thuan is blessed with many charming, wild and poetic landscapes that have created many unique charms. Visiting this place, tourists can participate in many types of tourism: swimming, relaxing, yachting, climbing, hunting, visiting historical sites, or attending festivals of ethnic minorities. Ninh Thuan’s orientation is to develop comprehensive tourism including sea tourism, eco-tourism and cultural tourism.

With a coastline of 105 km, Ninh Thuan has many beautiful and famous beaches such as Ninh Chu, Ca Na, Vinh Hy, Binh Tien, Mui Dinh, and Nam Cuong…

Visitors will not be able to ignore the coastal road that is being formed to see the bays and beaches.

Ethnic culture is also a strength in tourism in Ninh Thuan. The Cham tower architectures are full of mysteries with the Cham festival and the unique folk music and dance: drums, Baranung guitar sound, Apsara dance by the red fire; There is My Nghiep brocade weaving village, Bau Truc pottery village with a long tradition.


Explore the beautiful scenery of Ninh Thuan
Learn about the traditional art of making pottery and weaving in the craft villages
Enjoy local specialties
Trek to discover the typically rich flora of Nui Chua national Park in Ninh Thuan
Relax, swim, sunbathe, snorkel and watch corals, ….


  1. Children from 1-4 years old are free of charge (parents take care of all expenses for children, do not occupy seats in the car)
  2. Children from 5-9 years old are charged 75% of tour price (separate meals, seats in private cars). 
  3. Children from 10 years old and above are charged as adults


Upon your arrival time, our guide will pick you up at the Cam Ranh Airport and depart to Ninh Chu beach (Ninh Thuan). You will check in at a hotel or resort here. Have lunch.

In the afternoon, you start your trip by visiting:

Khanh Hoi embankment: Khanh Hoi breakwater is not only a work against severe weather but also a top check-in point for young people. Not far from the main road, visitors seem to be lost in a wonder of rock. Right below is the clear blue sea with colorful coral reefs.

Poklong Garai tower is considered a symbol and also the pride of the Cham community in Ninh Thuan and is a part of Ninh Thuan culture. Po Klong Garai tower relic is a complex of Cham towers built around the late 13th and early 14th centuries to commemorate the merits of King Po Klong Garai or Jaya Indravarman IV (1151-1205). This is a unique work, recognized as a monument of architecture, art and sculpture of Champa.

At 15.30 you go to Nam Cuong Sand Dunes, has an altitude of 20-30 meters, some places up to 100 meters above sea level, with an area of ​​about 700 hectares, are hidden behind roads, bamboo groves, vineyards, apple orchards and still retain the inherent wild beauty. If you have the opportunity to come to the sand dunes on windy days, you will have the opportunity to witness the surprising and continuous change of shape of the sand dunes,

Here you see the sunset which is a very poetic and poetic experience in your life. 

18.00: Go back to the hotel and have dinner. In the afternoon, you are free to visit or walk on Ninh Chu beach.


After breakfast, check out of the hotel. You will go to visit 02 2 traditional craft villages – Quintessence of Cham Culture in Ninh Thuan:

Bau Truc pottery village, the oldest pottery village in Southeast Asia, is famous for its handmade ceramic products and unique pottery firing techniques. Bau Truc pottery is praised as a product with its own characteristics imbued with Cham culture, not mixed with pottery elsewhere. Bau Truc Pottery Gallery is located in the center of the village, an ideal destination for tourists from all over the world to visit and see.

My Nghiep brocade weaving village: The unique feature of this ancient craft village is the fact that artisans weave brocade by hand method with delicate pattern lines, imbued with Cham folklore that will last forever. 

You can also directly participate in the experience of sitting on a loom to weave brocade panels here, surely these are wonderful and unforgettable memories.

You also buy some products from these 2 villages as souvenirs.

Leave the villages, you go to Mui Dinh: Anyone who comes here will be amazed by the idyllic and wild beauty of this place. The Mui Dinh lighthouse on the coast, the clear blue water, the rocky mountains of many shapes and the nice coastal roads are the things that make Mui Dinh become more and more attractive for visitors. This place still retains its idyllic and wild features that make people come and never want to leave. Coming to this land, you will admire the beautiful and majestic natural scenery with large rocky mountains, white sand beaches, and dreamy blue sea.

Have lunch in Mui Dinh with fresh seafood.

Here you can have 2 options, one is to spend a night in Mui Dinh to camp and sleep in a tent on the Trang beach. This experience is so exciting. At Bai Trang, a beach with fine white sand, clear blue sea, you can experience camping, pitch a tent and enjoy swimming.  This is an ideal place for overnight camping trips, stargazing, and barbecue. Early in the next morning, get up early to see the sunrise, swim and have breakfast. Then go to visit Mui Dinh lighthouse.

If you don’t stay a night in Mui Dinh, the second option is to join some activities here and move to Ca Na.

In Mui Dinh, you visit Mui Dinh Lighthouse, a French architectural work, has been built for 100 years. This is the only lighthouse in Ninh Thuan province with a geographical location that is completely separate from residential areas as well as fishing, farming and production areas.

There are some exciting activities such as:

Riding an off-road vehicle on the sand. Here, the off-road sports car races which were held attracted a lot of racers.


Swimming and sunbathing.

16.00 Move to Ca Na: Ca Na beach with the natural beauty of mountains, forests and sea combined with the beauty of Cham culture is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam,

Ca Na is also an ideal tourist destination with many stretches of white sand beaches. The sea here is clear all year, looking deep to the bottom. Just swimming about 20m, colorful coral reefs appear, hidden under a depth of less than 2 meters. It will be ideal for you to take a walk around the sea, enjoy the air in Ca Na.

Check in at the hotel and then relax on the beach or swim.

Have a night in Ca Na


When you are ready, our guide will take you to visit the Salt fields. Ca Na is a small peaceful village with a history of over 100 years of salt making. The salt field is tens of hectares wide, running along the coast of Ca Na.

Visit the fishing village: the fishing village is inhabited by coastal fishermen who are honest and hospitable people. You can learn about the life of the people here as well as have the opportunity to understand more about the culture and customs of the sea.

Visiting Ca Na seaport which is always very noisy and bustling. Seafood trading activity here is very busy. You can see the ways people buy or sell things.

Have lunch in the hotel, check out of the hotel and visit An Hoa sheep field which is a large steppe grassland. This place is one of the big places to raise and graze sheep in Ninh Thuan. Coming to An Hoa sheep field, you can admire the beautiful scenery, enjoy the comfortable feeling in the windy steppe, enjoy the famous delicious lamb dish, and meet honest people. Not only that, you also take a series of unique photos.

After that, you check in at a hotel in Ninh Chu beach. Relax and swim at NInh Chu beach.


After breakfast, check out of the hotel and move to Vinh Hy Bay

On the way to Vinh Hy Bay, you visit the vineyards in Thai An village. The climatic conditions of the coastal area make Thai An grapes ripe red, crispy, fragrant, sweet taste. Ninh Thuan grapes are often used to eat fresh, make wine and process many other products. Coming to Thai An, visitors can learn how to grow grapes, how to process grape products such as grape wine or grape jam….

Goodbye Thai Anh village, you continue to Vinh Hy Bay. Although the Bay is still quite wild and rustic, this place is ranked as one of the four most beautiful bays in Vietnam, likened to the “Mediterranean” of Vietnam.

Check in at a hotel in Vinh Hy Bay. Then go on a boat to visit Vinh Hy Bay. Here you can swim in blue water; snorkeling to see colorful corals or see the corals through a glass bottom boat; trying to be a fisher people, …

Have lunch on an island or in the village.

15.30: Go to Rai Cave which is considered to be a masterpiece of nature. Rai Cave gives you the ideal view to admire the scenery and take mesmerizing “virtual life” photos.

This place is actually a rocky beach overlooking the sea, the special feature is that they overlap in a very natural way. There are many small caves around. In particular, the sunset here is very wonderful.

Stay a night in Vinh Hy Bay. Before going to sleep, you need to prepare carefully for a 2-day tour trekking in Nui Chua national park the next day.


You will spend a 2-day tour to visit Nui Chua National Park, known as “Phan Rang dry forest” which was recognized as a world biosphere reserve. Although Nui Chua is only approximately 1,000m above sea level, conquering this mountain peak is not easy. Trekking Nui Chua National Park has many “interesting things” for you to admire and discover. The ecosystem of Nui Chua National Park is very diverse and rich with vast green thatched lawns and grass, thorny shrubs, bigger trees in higher places…. Coming to Nui Chua National Park, you have a chance not only to go on the most beautiful coastal road in Vietnam, conquer the mountain with the harshest climate but also to immerse yourself in the blue sea and white sand,

8:30am: Departure to Cau Giay Village. This is an ethnic village of the Raglay people, here you will have the opportunity to cross a quite romantic & attractive suspension bridge.

10h45: Arrive at the Lo O stream, you rest a while and have lunch.

1:30: Continue the trekking to go through thorn forests and shrub forests under the burning sun of Ninh Thuan to reach the trails under the trees in the forest.

16h30: Stop at the camping area and prepare dinner near a small stream. After a day in the sun, you will enjoy the feeling of a night in the deep forest.


 6:00: Wake up to prepare breakfast

7:00: Trekking to the top of the mountain. Conquer the top of the mountain and take souvenir photos. From the top of the mountain, you can see Vinh Hy bay, Binh Hung and Binh Ba islands in the distance.

About 10:30: Return to the campsite rest and have lunch.

12:30: Depart and return to Cau Giay village

Leave the Cau Giay village, you spend time relaxing on some beaches. Nui Chua owns unspoiled beaches. such as Thung beach, Meat beach, Hoi beach, Kinh beach, Nuoc Do beach, Cha La beach, Binh Tien beach, Chuoi beach, Da Vang beach… and countless other unnamed beaches.

17.00: Back to Vinh Hy Bay, overnight here.


After breakfast, you check out of the hotel and continue to Bnh Tien beach. The road from Vinh Hy Bay to Binh Tien is considered to be one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam. The road to Binh Tien beach is steep and winding with green trees on 2 sides of the road or mountain on one side and sea on the other side.

In Binh Tien, you can swim, fish and snorkel.

Have lunch on Binh Tien beach.

In the afternoon, our car will take you to the Cam Ranh Airport to go home.


  1. Scheduled shuttle bus.
  2. Fully-equipped room: 02 guests/room.
  3. Boat to visit the Lake
  4. English or French tour guide.
  5. Meals as mentioned in the itinerary
  6. Local travel insurance
  7. Sightseeing tickets are included in the program.
  8. Mineral water: 01 500ml bottle per day


  1. VAT (8%).
  2. Drink in the meals.
  3. Individual expenses and tips for driver and guide

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