Adventure tours

If you are an adventurer, you should always travel with a conscious head and brave spirit. We will give you a tour to explore the whole of Vietnam. As our beautiful country is full of activities for everyone to challenge and leave reviews, you will find yourself full of excitement right here in Vietnam.

From the spectacular terraced paddies in the mountains of the North to the stretching green rice fields in the South and countless wonderful beaches, Vietnam has enough to satisfy travelers of all ages, class and gender.

We have a collection of Adventure Tours in Vietnam from 5 days to 16 days, should you join us, you can apparently explore the most beautiful spots in this country. In fact, you can comfortably ride a bike or motorbike, hike through the jungle, scuba dive, kitesurf and more. The adventure tour in the Northern villages is one of the most attractive options that trekking lovers can experience right here in Vietnam.

According to our experience, many adventure tours in the mountains and highlands are very suitable for adventurous travelers who want to explore wild nature, traditional culture and routine life of ethnic minority groups.

Vietnam is endowed by nature with immense fields, magnificent villages hidden behind majestic mountains, the colors of costumes and activities of ethnic minority will surely capture the hearts of all trekking lovers.

If you're craving the longest and most thrilling hikes ever, just let us know and pick us places in Vietnam! CGVN travel will provide the perfect service. And if you are among the adventurous backpackers, check out this part in our website, you will get all the information.