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Ninh Thuan has many natural tourism resources and humanistic tourism resources. Ninh Thuan coast has many famous beautiful beaches that visitors can bathe all time of year such as Binh Tien, Ninh Chu, Ca Na, Vinh hy bay, … Besides, Ninh Thuan has many rivers and streams such as Golden stream, Tien waterfall.

This place also preserves and preserves many ancient Cham architectural and cultural works associated with Cham cultural festivals. Coming to Ninh Thuan, you will have a chance to learn about a lot of Cham towers such as Poklong Grai (Thap Cham), Porome tower (Ninh Phuoc). The diversity of topography creates many ecological zones with unique landscapes such as Ngoan Muc pass, Vinh Hy bay, hot springs, Tien waterfall, etc., which is convenient for the development of various types of marine tours, cultural tours, luxury tours, adventure tours, …

Nha Trang: Considered one of the most famous coastal towns in Vietnam, Nha Trang attracts a lot of foreign tourists not only for its beautiful pristine beaches but also for many exciting activities. Along with beautiful beaches like paradise, hot springs, diverse types of fish and colorful coral reefs underwater, Nha Trang has become one of the ideal places for diving and snorkeling. …


  1. Children from 1-4 years old are free of charge (parents take care of all expenses for children, do not occupy seats in the car)
  2. Children from 5-9 years old are charged 75% of tour price (separate meals, seats in private cars).
  3. Children from 10 years old and above are charged as adults


After picking you up at the Cam Ranh Airport, our guide will take you to Doc Let, 50km from Nha Trang, check in at the hotel and have lunch.

Doc Let which is a beautiful beach with long stretches of pure white sand and clear blue sea. Coming to Doc Let, the first thing you should do is immerse yourself in the cool blue water of the sea. Doc Let beach has a feature of few waves and small waves, so it is safe for both children and non-swimmers. The sea in Doc Let is loved by many people because of the clear blue water, seeing the bottom, the water is quite shallow.

In the afternoon, you can:

Visit Ninh Thuy fishing village which is not far from Doc Let beach, so you can walk along the coast to visit the fishing village. The fishing village is an ideal destination for you to try out the experience of being a fisherman for a day, try out netting, rowing, fishing, and repairing fishing gear. The people here are sincere, rustic, and very hospitable. Going deep to visit the small alleys inside, you will enjoy extremely attractive dishes, such as Banh Canh, vermicelli/noodle with fish.

Explore Doc Let beach by a small boat is an experience that many tourists love. Row a small boat by yourself to go to discover new things.

Join some exciting games on the beach: motor racing, kitesurfing, sand skating, …

Swim and sunbathe on the beach.

Stay a night in Doc Let. 


After breakfast at the hotel, you go to Nha Trang and check in at a hotel. Then start your trip by visiting “Monkey Island”. The car takes you to Nha Phu Bay, At DAI CHONG pier, the ship runs on the vast sea to Monkey Island.

On the island, there are more than 1200 monkeys living in the unspoiled forest and they are very friendly to people. You will be surprised with countless fun activities of the monkeys: Monkey shows, monkey’s circus, monkey races, monkey swimming competition, circus seals, …

Experience the fun of feeding them.

Have lunch in Monkey Island.

In the afternoon, you can:

Participate in HOT GAMES such as: Paintball Shooting, kart track racing, walking under the sea with an oxygen cap,…

There is a floating park on the sea with 2000m2 wide. You can join a lot of games of continuous movement such as balance bridge, climbing cliffs, slides, swings, etc., which take a lot of energy but always make many young people excited to participate.

15.30 Back to the port and HOT MINERAL BATH: Extremely fine mineral mud is one of the most attractive things for visitors when they go to Nha Trang. You can freely choose to soak in hot mineral mud in a separate wooden tub or soak in hot mineral water, warm mineral swimming pool.

17.30: Back to the hotel and have dinner.


After breakfast you will experience in VINWONDERS. This is considered a multi-purpose tourist area, owning a large area of ​​​​up to 200,000 square meters. Here, you can experience a variety of exciting activities, try thrilling orgasms, explore nature, enjoy art performances, enjoy food, feel shopping… VINWONDERS is famous for Asia’s longest sea-crossing cable car system, for indoor entertainment areas such as: 4D movie viewing, art exhibitions… You will be very interested in many outdoor games such as ships Pirates, Wheel, Roller Coaster, Free fall tower, Family Slides, Playoke, Aquarium… In addition, you can swim with artificial beach, the most beautiful children’s swimming pool in Nha Trang. join the attractive water music and light show.

Have lunch here.

In the afternoon, you go back to the hotel and check out of the hotel for going to Binh Lap. It is no exaggeration to say that Binh Lap Island is likened to the Maldives of Vietnam, because it possesses fine white sand, jade-green sea water and beautiful hidden coral reefs. This charming unspoiled beauty has captivated many visitors and will surely bring you truly wonderful experiences as well. If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Binh Lap Island is the ideal choice. This famous island keeps its location separate from the crowded tourist areas and still retains its rare wild beauty.

Check in at the hotel/resort in Binh Lap.

Here, you can visit:

Ran beach: This is also one of the attractive destinations when coming to Binh Lap, the most famous thing is the extremely beautiful, rich and colorful coral reefs. You can swim under the clear and cool water, in addition, diving to see the coral is also very interesting.

Binh Chau Beach: Is a beautiful unspoiled beach that attracts many tourists to relax. In addition, the beach also has colorful coral reefs suitable for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Lao beach: Stretch for ten kilometers, the waves are calm. There is a small fishing village which is near the beach. Here you can explore the life of the fishing village people. 


Get up early to see the sunrise.

After breakfast you continue to Vinh Hy Bay. You will go along one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam. Vinh Hy Bay is a small, peaceful and unspoiled fishing village, the people are simple and unpretentious. The place is generously endowed by nature with a majestic scenery that is originally with the vast blue sea on the one side, and the high mountains on the other.

Coming to Vinh Hy, visitors do not miss the opportunity to freely swim in the clear blue sea, dive and admire the beautiful coral reefs. If you can’t swim, you can see colorful coral reefs or the small schools of fish by the glass bottom boat. It is known that Vinh Hy has more than 300 species of corals, of which 50 species are newly discovered in Vietnam.  

Leisurely swimming in the blue sea. 

Have lunch in the fishing village in Vinh Hy Bay

15.00: You go to Ninh Chu beach. On the way, visit Hang Rai – A photographer’s paradise. Hang Rai consists of coral reefs, mountain caves which stretch to the sea. This place which still keeps its wild features, without human intervention, is a natural rocky beach with a lot of strange and unique – shaping stones.

You will have a chance to see the sunset. The beautiful romantic sunset scene of Hang Rai is also very unforgettable.

Go to Ninh Chu beach and check in at a hotel/resort.


After breakfast, you visit:

BAU TRUC Ceramic Village is one of the places where pottery is still made with the oldest manual method in Southeast Asia. The unique and delicate works have attracted many tourists to learn and buy products here.

Vineyard: You have the opportunity to learn directly about the viticulture of the people here. Buy grape wine or grape syrup or fresh grapes, …

Have lunch in the hotel/resort, then check out of the hotel. Go to the airport to go back home.


  1. Scheduled shuttle bus.
  2. Fully-equipped room: 02 guests/room.
  3. Boat to visit the Lake
  4. English or French tour guide.
  5. Meals as mentioned in the itinerary
  6. Local travel insurance
  7. Sightseeing tickets are included in the program.
  8. Mineral water: 01 500ml bottle per day


  1. VAT (8%).
  2. Drink in the meals.
  3. Individual expenses and tips for driver and guide

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