Aujourd’hui, c’est très facile de voyager dans le monde, surtout au Vietnam- un des pays les plus sécurisés. Mais si vous êtes prudent et si vous voulez que votre circuit soit parfait, écoutez les conseils des Vietnamiens sur les “avis de voyage au Vietnam”! En tant qu’une agence de voyage, CGVN Travel est toujours prêt de vous écouter et de vous donner des conseils sincères sur les autorisations, les saisons, les sujets et même les manières de vous débrouiller . Un voyage intéressant dépend de plusieurs éléments:  la saison, le sujet, la région, le type de circuit, la gastronomie et les services .etc. Contactez- nous avant la planification de votre voyage pour avoir des avis de voyage au Vietnam!

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Along the S-shaped strip of the country, there are beautiful scenes to chill everywhere, every season is an ideal travel time. Full 12 months of the year, you can pack your backpack and travel to Vietnam. This article will suggest suitable tourist destinations for each month, so that you can plan to fully explore the tourist map of Vietnam! Vietnam travel in January Blooming flowers season in Moc Chau, Mai Chau: January is the time to attract a lot of tourists to Moc Chau and Mai Chau. This is the season of apricot blossom, forest white plum blossom, brassica napus flower. The land is filled with colors and flowers everywhere, so Moc Chau and Mai Chau deserve to be the first destinations on the Vietnam travel itinerary. Dalat cherry blossom season: In January, the plateau is warm and sunny, the sky is clear. This is the time when Da Lat is flooded with the pink color of cherry apricot flowers. Traveling to Da Lat at this time, the weather is ideal. Sa Dec flowers bloom: Sa Dec flower village is known as "Da Lat of the West". January is the time near Tet, so all the flowers bloom. This is the time when Sa Dec flower village is the most beautiful and vibrant of the year. Vietnam travel in February Ninh Thuan grape season: On the tourist map of Vietnam, each land is associated with its own "specialties". For Ninh Thuan, those are the vineyards as far as the eye can see. The weather in February is not very hot, so it is very suitable for traveling to Ninh Thuan. At this time, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the ripe grapes. Nha Trang sea snail season: Sea snail season in Nha Trang starts from February. If you are a "crazy fan" of seafood and sea snails, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of snails such as razor clam, vinegar snails., oysters… extremely fat at the moment! Vietnam travel in March Discover the dreamy land of Hue: March in Hue is warm and sunny, the night weather is a bit chilly and there is little rain during the day. Too ideal to visit famous attractions in the dreamland of Hue, isn't it? Central Highlands coffee flower season: Traveling to Vietnam in March, you can also go to the Central Highlands to see coffee flowers. All over the Central Highlands at this time are filled with both scent and color. Bees and butterflies fluttering in the golden sunlight make the scene even more attractive. Nam Du blue-bone fish season: Blue-bone fish is a famous specialty of Nam Du. The flesh of the fish is sweet, chewy, and rare for any other fish to match. Traveling to Nam Du this season, you will not only enjoy unique specialties but also be immersed in the romantic and clear blue sea. Vietnam travel in April Da Nang Fireworks Festival: In April, Da Nang people are excited with the fireworks festival. This is also an opportunity to attract a large number of tourists to this beautiful coastal city. Traveling to Da Nang at this time, you will be satisfied with the fireworks performances of competition teams from many countries around the world. Vietnam travel in May Ha Long season of the blue sea: The weather in May is not too hot, the air is cool, the sun is not harsh. At this time, traveling to Ha Long, you can just immerse yourself in the blue sky and sea, and enjoy all kinds of fresh and attractive seafood. Ninh Binh ripe rice: Returning to the plain, May is the season of ripe rice in Ninh Binh. Traveling to Ninh Binh at this time, you will admire the golden fields in Tam Coc on the green background of the mountains. All create a natural beauty that few places have. Ly Son "urchins hunting" season: May is always an ideal time to travel to Vietnam, especially sea tourism. But if you travel to Ly Son at this time, you will enjoy a famous specialty here which is sea urchins. Sea urchins this season are rich and fatty, which will captivate foodies. Vietnam travel in June Moc Chau plum picking season: If at the beginning of the year you miss the opportunity to see the plum blossom forest, you should compensate your soul with the season of ripe plums in Moc Chau. In June, the weather here is mild, cool, with little rain, ideal for experiencing and exploring. Traveling to Moc Chau this season, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the plum garden and enjoy the sweet ripe plums. Quy Nhon swimming season: Quy Nhon, Ky Co, Eo Gio ... are all famous tourist destinations on the tourist map of Vietnam. June is a bit sunny, but in return, you will be able to freely swim and take beautiful pictures by the blue sea, white sand and sunshine! Vietnam travel in July Can Tho ripe fruit season: Traveling to Can Tho in July, you will have the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of specialty fruits. This is the time when all gardens in the harvest season of ripe fruits, rambutan, mangos teen, milkweed, longan, durian... The mountains of Cao Bang: Cao Bang's "specialties" are the revolutionary historical relics in the forest and majestic waterfalls among the deep green. Therefore, the dry weather in July is the ideal time to travel to Cao Bang. This is also the time when waterfalls, especially Ban Gioc waterfall, are the safest and most beautiful. You will have the most amazing tour in Vietnam when kayaking on Quay Son river connecting to Ban Gioc waterfall. Tam Dao chayote season: The fresh, cool air in Tam Dao will dispel the sultry, hot summer. July is also the time for chayote or su su in Vietnamese - a famous specialty of Tam Dao in season. Traveling to Tam Dao this season, you can buy chayotes as gifts for relatives and friends. Vietnam travel in August Phan Thiet dragon fruit season: Phan Thiet is known as the "dragon fruit kingdom". Traveling to Phan Thiet in August, you can enjoy beautiful pictures in dragon fruit gardens with ripe fruit. Vietnam travel in September Dong Thap lotus season: Dong Thap is also an attractive destination on the tourist map of Vietnam. September of the solar calendar is the most ideal time for you to fully enjoy the scent and color of the Dong Thap lotus season. Traveling to Dong Thap, you cannot only admire the beautiful scenery; enjoy a peaceful life but also enjoy specialties from lotus. Full moon season in Hoi An: September of the solar calendar or August of the lunar calendar is a great time to travel to Hoi An. The weather at this time is cool, clear sky, cool wind. Pho Hoi is always brilliant with thousands of colorful lanterns and begins to bustle with the mid-autumn festival. Ideally, at this time, Hoi An ancient town is not too crowded, visitors do not have to jostle and hustle. Vietnam travel in October Ta Xua cloud "hunting" season: The beauty of the Northwest high mountains is always enchanting enough to urge travelers' footsteps. To feel the most clearly the beauty of the Northwest, you should once experience the feeling of "hunting" clouds on Ta Xua peak. October is the best time to do this! Yen Bai golden season: The most ideal time to travel to Yen Bai is in the ripe rice season. The golden color of the rice on the terraced fields mixed with the bright yellow sunshine creates a rare natural wonder that is hard to find. At this time in Yen Bai, there is often a skydiving festival that attracts a large number of domestic and international tourists. Vietnam travel in November Da Lat wild sunflower season: Da Lat is known as the city of thousands of flowers, so traveling to Da Lat every season is a flower season. Traveling to Vietnam in November, you can go to Da Lat to admire the season of wild sunflowers and pink grass hills. The land and sky full of flowers is the ideal setting for the photos of a lifetime! Ha Giang buckwheat season: November is the time when buckwheat flowers bloom on the Ha Giang rocky plateau. The purple-pink color stretches endlessly to create a rare romantic and poetic scene. The fields of buckwheat flowers in Sung La, Pho Bang village, Lung Tao hillside... are tourist attractions. Phu Yen yellow flowers and green grass: November is the ideal time for you to travel to Phu Yen. At this time, the sky is clear, the sun is light, the air is cool and the natural scenery is extremely beautiful. Vietnam travel in December Sapa Winter Festival: December is the time when Sapa is very cold. Although the weather may seem inconvenient, traveling to Sapa at this time you will have the opportunity to "hunt" the snow, experience the winter festival. The most interesting is the experience of just rubbing in the cold, while enjoying the attractive cuisine of Sapa. 12 months of the year, every month is an ideal time for you to travel to Vietnam. Just knowing at each time, which destination is most suitable, which scenery is the best, which experience is the most interesting, you will always have an interesting travel journey along the beloved S-shaped land. These Vietnam travel tips on seasons surely help you to decide the time you want to come.

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